SHE-LOGY: Celebrate the women in your books. That’s what writer-blogger behind the blog Author SB Mazing did. This is her She-logy post for the novels, a trilogy, that she’s working on. You can find more about  The Liza Trilogy in her blog. They may be fictional characters, but their characters and experiences can be relatable for real-life women. These characters can influence and reach out to the readers as powerfully as the friends we see everyday.

Thank you, Sandra, for another contribution to the She-logy series. You can write as many posts as you want for the women you’d like to honor. 🙂

I am currently working on a Trilogy of which the main character is a woman. I wanted to tell her story, tell the story of someone who is strong and grounded but who gets thrown off. The story about friendship and love.

LIZA is beautiful, inside and out, successful, smart and strong. But through some tragedies and an unhealthy relationship with the wrong guy, she gets thrown off her path. She decides to break out and leaves everything behind but her best friend and finds a new life in a new place and maybe new love…

I wanted to show, that nobody is immune against the wrong influence. You can be smart and confident and strong. But if someone knows how to twist you around, they get you. And Liza is a victim of a guy like this. Fortunately she will find back to herself and will start walking her path again.

BRITT is Liza’s best friend. She is there for her friend whenever she needs her, but kind of gets pushed aside by Liza’s controlling boyfriend. She wants and tries to warn Liza but just can’t get through to her. Although he tries to get her out of Liza’s life, their friendship is strong enough to survive and they find a way to catch up. As strong as Britt is, she has her weaknesses too, which Liza will one day discover…

KELLY is the new girl. The girl Liza meets after breaking out of her old life. She is a fresh whirlwind of new influence, someone Liza is happy to be around.

SHE-LOGY is a blog project open to everyone who is interested to celebrate women this whole month of March. If you’re reading this, I extend that invitation to you to contribute post/s about the women you’d like to honor. You can email me at Thank you for reading this.

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