Tiny Expat’s Show Your World in Silver Lining Mama’s She-logy. A challenge within a challenge.

Bbshhh! (that was my “mind blown” sound fx). Brilliant, right?? How Inception-ish. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. I’ve been tempted to join several blog events I’ve seen around, but I couldn’t get past the pile of drafts in my own inbox. And now I’ve found a win-win solution –merge the challenge with my She-logy blog project.

It was exactly this time 11 years ago when I was swept off my feet by the beautiful Barcelona.


CHERRY was persistent, as always. “It’s worth the wait, I promise!”, she insisted between her brrrrr’s. It was getting colder than it already was. It was barely 10 degrees Celsius, and growing up in tropical Philippines, this felt like the North Pole. It didn’t help that the sun was setting. So, we sat on the steps of Plaza d’España, huddled together to make the most of whatever warmth was left in our body, and looked on Avenida Maria Cristina. It looked like the city’s version of Champs-Élysées, albeit shorter and missing the fancy shops on both sides, while the Palau Nacional behind us called to mind the Sacré-Coeur, if only for its domes.The two towering columns past the fountain was reminiscent of St Mark’s Campanile in Venice. The view was like a collage of familiar landmarks.

KRISTINE had a pensive look on her face. She was mentally eyeing the spots with the best view of the spectacle that was about to start. She was the critical one when it came to getting the perfect pictures from our travels. “We may never get to visit this place again and the photos are all we have.” She was right. It was now dusk. The place started to light up with the growing crowd of tourists like us, and the colorful lights illuminating the fountain. The water started to appear. The music blasted and our hearts pounded with excited curiosity.

JENNIFER was ready, her SLR all set for night-time lighting. She was the serious photo enthusiast. As soon as the light and music show started, she was gone. I only found out where when she developed the films later on. Thankfully, she took beautiful photos, for I was busy trying to believe what I was seeing. The show was arresting. The Magic Fountain, locally known as Montjuïc’s Font Màgica, took me by surprise. To this day, it remained my favorite light and music fountain show. And I’ve seen the fountains in Singapore (Sentosa, Fountain of Wealth), the Bellagio Fountains in Vegas, the Ocean Parks in Hongkong and Manila, and the Trevi in Rome.


They were 3 of the girls I travelled with in Europe. And their travel personalities continue to be present in any group I travel with.

  • There’s the persistent Cherry. Type A map-toting navigator and planner. The one who Googles everything, or in my time frazzles out a Lonely Planet, to make sure we saw the must-see’s.
  • There’s the meticulous ‘documenter’ Kristine, who directs the group shots and finds the right angles for the perfect travel souvenir — the photos. Now, she’s most likely the one who carries the selfie-stick and gopro. 
  • There’s the quiet photojournalist Jennifer, whose value you will appreciate when you get home and see her photos that captured the little things overlooked, the Kodak moments when everyone was in frame (while she was behind the camera), and the postcard perfect panoramic shots.

Each has a quirk, but I am always grateful whenever these personalities are present in my trips. Right now, I’m all of them rolled into one when our family travels.

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SHE-LOGY is a blog project open to everyone who is interested to celebrate women this whole month of March. If you’re reading this, I extend that invitation to you to contribute post/s about the women you’d like to honor. You can email me at Thank you for reading this.




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