You Know You’re A Mother-Blogger When…

Friends, can you please finish this sentence?

First thoughts in my mind…

  • When Husband sees food on the table, he would first ask if I had already taken a picture of it. If yes, then he proceeds to dive in. //How considerate is he? 🙂 But how obsessed have I become of taking photos of everything? Blog material, Instagram material. Material schmaterial.
  • In the middle of a moment or a chore, I find myself opening my virtual notepad (e.g. WordPress ‘new post’ or Evernote) and typing away new thoughts that are potential topics for later. //I have to admit, before my blogging life, I’m already doing this…which reminds me, I need to find those notes…again, blog materials! Also, I have more Draft posts than Published posts.
  • On a Sunday morning, which in my book is strictly family time, I excused myself mid-breakfast because I realized I forgot to write a post for a monthly blog event which is due today. //Okay, it was really after breakfast for everyone, but I finished mine while typing away for my blog. I could have it done later in the day, too, but there are other things in Mama’s to-do list. Or is this just plain mother-blogger syndrome??

Please don’t judge me. I promise, I’m a better mother…than a blogger. Ha! This is meant to be for fun. No shaming. I hope you do share your own examples…at the very least, to ease the guilt of this mother-blogger. (Please don’t be offended by the choice of title. All meant for fun. I’m on sugar high, I’m eating birthday cake for breakfast.) Annndddd… You don’t have to be mommy to relate to this, right?? Good vibes! 😉


4 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Mother-Blogger When…

  1. Lol…that was a funny visual of your husband (salivating with hunger?) asking if you’ve already taken a picture of your meal. Love that! Great post. Thanks for the shout out!

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  2. I’m on the constant look out for new blogging material! I’m always thinking “how could I write about this?” or “Should I write about this?” or “I can’t wait to write about this!”. I’ve got many “drafts” (actually just quick notes to remind myself of stuff I want to write about. Not even written in complete sentences!)

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