Courage Challenge February Wrap-Up

Courage Feb

I closed February by proudly adding to my list of Things That No Longer Scare Me: the Fear of Rejection. That’s after one month of daring to ask. And to properly wrap up February’s Courage Challenge, allow me to ask one more: can you share your personal courage story?


To everyone who shared personal stories of courage, thank you so much! Sharing is daring! The hardest “ask” that has been shared was from blogger jsackmom about her courage (and persistence!) to ask for help for her children’s well-being and for her mental health. Just speaking so openly, especially about mental health, is a brave, brave thing to do. And I hope you find inspiration from her as I did. Before you proceed, please be mindful of the trigger warning she noted at the start. (Link to her post.)


I asked, asked, and asked some more. I asked you to join me in my blog challenge. I asked you to share your personal stories. I asked bloggers to write some posts. I got positive responses –thank you! I got rejections and I got silence (crickets) –thank you, too!

My life-changing ask: I asked, I hinted to the Universe and I prayed, for a choice to go back to work. I asked for a choice, as opposed to directly asking for work, because I’m still on the fence on whether I really want to go back to work. And you know what? I got the papers to be able to work here legally with my visa type!

I did other “brave stuff” like joining a last-minute fashion show for my husband’s office event. It wasn’t such a big deal, but normally I would’ve defaulted to “no”. But because I am consciously seeking for ways to exercise my courage, I said “yes”. I also asked if I can make the cake for a baby shower event. I did and I got positive compliments. I asked for advices. And that was a big deal because asking for help is a struggle for me. I did it, and I was moved by the responses.

I asked many other things. Mostly little things. But what is more valuable to me, than the things I asked for and the responses I got, was the actual exercise of asking. Like a muscle, it had trained my mind to be constantly conscious about what I can ask. And now the fear of rejection is not so scary anymore. When my mind, out of habit, would start to make me doubt myself, “what if they’d say no?”, my new response now is “So what? I’ll ask anyway.”

Emboldened by this newfound courage, I am going to ask some more.


By stretching the courage muscle of “daring to ask”, we learn to manage our fears of rejection.


If you’d like a high-res copy of these posters, just ask. 😉

You get what you ask


I’d like to end with an excerpt from my favorite book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield:

SWSWSWSW… some will, some won’t so what –someone’s waiting. Out there somewhere someone is waiting for you and your ideas. You have to keep asking until you get a yes. The yes is out there waiting. What you want wants you.”

Keep asking, and press on!

Participating in Rebirth of Lisa’s One Word Challenge throughout the year!


12 thoughts on “Courage Challenge February Wrap-Up

  1. I was breathless while reading your post on exercising the asking and your new response to rejection or this loud silence or just to be ignored. I have been so trained in helping solving problems for others through many years so I think also it’s difficult to ask


    1. Thank you. I initially thought you were breathless from the lengthy post I wrote. Haha. Just kidding. Very true, asking is really difficult. Now that I have reframed it, I’ve been less hesitant to ask. In fact, I did so many “askings” this week just for the Shelogy series alone. It’s liberating to be rid of this fear!



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