Valentine’s Day Pizza


This year’s Valentine’s Day bonding with the Toddler was another kitchen activity — making heart-shaped pizza together for our lunch.

Multi-purpose is this Mama’s favorite theme. With limited time for each kid (the house chores, the blog, and so on), I am keen to choose activities that serve multiple purposes. So for Valentine’s Day, instead of an elaborate art project, I picked pizza-making with Toddler. It gave us bonding time, promoted creativity (we love it when we get dirty make things with our hands), taught her kitchen skills and most importantly, we had food ready at the end of the activity (she went on to eat her pizza, while I got to clean our mess). Win-win-win!

Mis en place.

When cooking with kids, all the more important to have the ingredients and tools in place before they join in.

Toddler is very fond of cheese, so I had to make more slices before we could even start.

Step 1: Spread a little olive oil on the crust.

I used pita bread and simply cut a heart with a scissor for the big one.

I used the only heart cookie cutter we have for the smaller ones.

The olive oil is optional, but I thought Toddler would love to “brush, brush, brush”.

Step 2. Use cookie cutters to make toppings.

The toppings and ingredients can be done ahead to minimize the chaos.

But I did this with her because chaos can be fun, too!

We didn’t have salami, so we made little flowers out of some Canadian Bacon slices.

Step 3. Assemble the toppings on the crust.

In the spirit of quick and easy, I just used leftover pasta sauce. (I hid baby spinach in the sauce, winning!)

Alternatively, ready-made pasta sauce in a jar, like Ragu, is also handy.

Toddler’s Feedback: She had fun. Thank you, Mama. She liked eating the little heart pizza. And argued, toddler that she is, that we didn’t make pizza, but PITA! 🙂


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