Valentine’s Day Activities for Baby

IMG_1464-0 Baby also has his own version of Valentine’s Day activities.


For the baby, who probably cares about food and putting stuff in his mouth more than the occasion, our activities were simpler. I arranged his food, like those yogurt melts, into a heart and let him loose.

(Not my photo.) Crayola Mess-Free Fingerpaint Kit

Baby did a finger painting activity using the Crayola kit (pictured above). Since it was intended for older babies, I just made sure I was hands-on, literally, the entire time so he doesn’t put his fingers in his mouth. Although it’s labeled nontoxic, I thought he’s too young to risk it. (Am I paranoid?)


Then, I cut out hearts from the fingerpainted paper for the toddler to use. (ah, my favorite words — multi-purpose, reuse)


Seeing that Baby had fun with the activity, I made my own mess-free fingerpaint kit using apple sauce that’s about to expire, which I placed in a ziploc bag, and a few drops of food colors. I’m definitely doing this activity again because it was fun showing the baby how the colors mix (food color added one at a time before he “mixes” it). We enjoyed making those pudgy little hand prints. And the best part…mess-free! If Baby somehow manages to get the contents into his mouth, I won’t worry because it’s edible anyway.

Baby’s Feedback: *babble, babble, babble, smile*


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