Valentine’s Day 2015 Exchange Gift

IMG_1487From Toddler’s daycare class

But first, Mama’s opinion: I thought these exchange gifts are unnecessary, can teach materialism, promotes sweets and candies, and just add to the little stuff to clean up. That said, I cannot help it! I love how my Toddler lights up when she finds her bag of treats. I love to find out myself what she got. And most of all, I love another opportunity to get creative. DIY project! Therefore, I’m cool with these exchange gifts and making the most out of it.

By the way, is “exchange gift” a term you also use?

Last year, I was pleased with our DIY gift. But when I saw that I was more excited about it than my kid, I promised to make the gifts this year a little more to Toddler’s taste.

She loves stickers. She loves owls. Mama ran out of time to make elaborate DIY projects. So, we end up with this very simple gift.  I got the sticker sheets and the cards from the Dollar Store.


For the teachers, as our personal tradition, a cute little token in the form of a single stem daisy.

Toddler was thrilled with the stickers! At one point, we watched the news anchor side-by-side with her little owl sticker on TV! Oh dear, I wonder if her classmates got into the same trouble with those stickers.


Her favorite gifts were the heart-shaped lollipop and the Sofia the First coloring kit.

My favorite gift happens to be the only one that’s handmade — a purple airplane made of wooden clothespin and paper. I love the details and effort that they put into making them.


I’m looking forward to next year! By then, our Preschooler will be able to scribble her own message and be more vocal about her ideas for her gift. That should be fun, right??



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