How To Really Love a Child


But first, credits: This is an excerpt from a poem by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK). Her website, where  you can buy her original poster and other products, is

I fell in love with this poem years ago, way back when I was still single. And I thought to myself what a fortunate child to have a parent who do these things. So I made a silent promise that I will remember this poem when I become a parent myself.

Now with 2 kids of my own, I am happily obliging to this list, and adding my own (some of them below).

  • Be there for them 100%. Unplug. Go offline. Leave the gadgets somewhere else. Be.With.Them.
  • Sing together at the top of your lungs.
  • Say “I love you” many times.
  • Create games especially for them.
  • Get to really know them.
  • Be more mindful in parenting them. Parent them according to who they are (personality).
  • Teach them discipline.
  • Honor their authentic self. Validate their feelings, their fears, their dreams.
  • Know their favorites and let them know through the little things, like making them a bracelet in their favorite color.
  • Bake them a cake on random days and make up your own occasions.
  • Do something in the kitchen together.
  • Make snow angels. Or, just lie on the ground together and feel the earth or look up at the sky.
  • Play hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo, and really enjoy them.
  • Create something from scratch for them. Build them a dollhouse. (In progress)
  • Share your adult thoughts and feelings with them like they’re one of your adult friends.
  • Send them postcards from your trips and write about your favorite memory of them from that trip.
  • Write them letters.
  • Be very specific with your bedtime prayers with them. Name loved ones to pray for.
  • Teach them gratitude. At bedtime, ask them to recall blessings from the day that they are grateful for.
  • When they are in a bad mood, give them a silent hug instead.
  • Pray for them. Pray over them. Pray with them.
  • Say sorry to them and mean it. Admit to them when you make a mistake.
  • Love and honor their other parent.


//Would you like to share your own list?


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