My Oscar’s 2015 Thank You Speech

Thank you, Patricia Arquette, for letting me discover that even Meryl Streep is underpaid. But seriously, thank you for using your speech time to bring up women’s equality especially in wages. Compensation must be largely based on merits, never gender.

Thank you, Graham Moore, for validating our inner outsider.

Thank you, Adele Nazeem and Glom Gozingo, for teaching me how to move past a ridiculously -and very public- embarrassing moment. The excessive face touching though… I’m not sure everyone is going to let it go.

Thank you, Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu, for proving that if I work hard on excelling at my craft, I will be recognized for it despite “my English” and my home country.

Thank you, Wes Anderson, for reminding me that success is not defined by a trophy. It can be captured by the successes of the people who work with you, and consequently who you inspire. The Thank You speeches of your Grand Budapest team all giving the credit to you highlight how powerful your vision and leadership is -directorial or otherwise- which brought out the best in their respective talents. You, to me, are the winner.

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To my husband, thank you for helping me tame the wild kids so we could watch and HEAR the Academy Awards.

To my kids, your noises overpowered our television’s sound system. You made it so hard for me to pay attention to the Oscar’s. But thank you for reminding me that no other celebrity can outshine you, my stars. No film nor any other form of entertainment can outdo your own performances that always make your Mama laugh, cry, and laugh-and-cry.

Tonight’s Oscar’s-Themed Dinner
(Or my very lame last-minute attempt of it)😂


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(lumpia is Filipino egg roll)

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