Valentine’s Day Panna Cotta Surprise


Surprisingly easy to make panna cotta that you can use as Valentine’s Day gift or dessert or party give-away.

I used the recipe from The Wicked Noodle.

Since I have a growing collection of baby jars, I thought it would be perfect to make panna cotta in jars and give them away to friends on Valentine’s Day. The raspberry surprise in the middle, which can be hidden if preferred, is a brilliant idea. It can also be spread as a bright topping. Just tie it with a red baker’s twine and it’s pretty for the occasion. I’m also thinking of using it as a giveaway for the Valentine’s Party. But since it is also the Husband’s birthday this week, I might not be able to do that anymore.


Alternatively, this can also be used as dessert for that special stay-in dinner date, which happens more frequently for us now because of the kids (versus dining out in a fancy restaurant). It made me wonder if anyone has ever proposed by hiding the ring in the panna cotta. I thought it’s a beautiful place to hide that ring, but if the girl is anything like me, I’d probably just gobble up the whole thing, ring and all.


More Valentine’s Day projects here.


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