Expat Life Means Virtual Parties

Expat life used to mean missing a lot of special occasions from the home country. Now, thanks to technology, it means virtual parties.

Being expat means you have uprooted yourself from your home country, leaving behind most of your loved ones. This means, you rely mostly on technology and social media to connect with them regularly. Thankfully we have that option now. And a common scenario for expats like us would be celebrating special occasions with our loved ones who are miles away with a video conference.

For our family, it often means we bake a cake, sing happy birthday, blow the candle and eat the cake while our family (and the person whose birthday we celebrate) watch us. Or, vice versa – there’s a fun, crowded party on the other side and we watch (with longing) and wave to everyone and anyone who remember to check the video monitor. Usually, it is in both forms, because of the time difference. Sometimes, it is neither, because of technical challenges, such as a bad internet connection.

Such is our expat life.

Last January, we baked a lemon cake, sang Happy Birthday, and blew a little yellow candle. We sent the video to Grandpa. That’s how we celebrated his birthday on this side of the planet.

Tomorrow, Papa is celebrating his birthday. Hoping for happy celebrations, virtual or otherwise.

//How do you celebrate special occasions with your loved ones from home?


12 thoughts on “Expat Life Means Virtual Parties

  1. My only granddaughter lives a two-day drive away. Luckily we have been able to spend every birthday together. Her birthday is a week after mine, so I always request a birthday trip. 🙂 Skyping is a wonderful way to keep in touch in between. I keep thinking about our immigrant ancestors who came here and perhaps never saw their families again. Technology is a blessing for keeping in touch.

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    1. Very true. Hard to imagine that time. We are lucky for the technology we have now. So Feb is a a double bday celebration for you. Just like us, husband and his brother have a week apart for their bdays.😊


    1. Technology can be good or bad, depends on the user.😄 It is bad when husband forgets to respond when he’s engrossed with his sports on iphone.😂 That was the cake I was baking when toddler decides to join in and sprinkle sugar everywhere.



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