Valentine’s Day Toddler’s Exchange Gift

From Valentine’s Day 2014.

Last year’s was the first Valentine’s Day for the Toddler at her daycare center (she goes there twice a week, which I fondly call “Mama’s Sanity Break”).

I found this idea on Pinterest (yay for the creative parents out there who generously share their ideas!). I thought it was perfect because the Goldfish crackers were her favorite snacks that time. And, I am drawn to puns. 😉



Step 1. Cut the card into little aquarium shapes.


Step 2. Draw the aquarium’s water line in blue crayon. Add the message “I’m glad we’re in the same school.”


Step 3. Draw the fish with some bubbles below the message.


Step 4. Personalize with your own art and signature. Stamp, draw, scribble.


Step 5. Add the Goldfish crackers. In the original (Pinterest) directions, the crackers were placed directly in the bag and the card with it. I wanted to be on the safer side and placed an unopened Goldfish bag instead, with the card taped strategically on the front. (Strategically is just my fancy way of saying I made sure the aquarium was right below the fish image in the bag to make it look like the fish just jumped out of the aquarium. Fancy schmancy. )


Step 6. I found this cute Valentine’s themed zip lock bags in the Dollar Store.

I’m sure the 2-year-olds just gobbled up the crackers like they normally do, mindless of the little details of this gift. I’m sure they were more excited to get the stickers and the other fun stuff they don’t typically get on a regular day. But I had fun making them, and I hoped they put a little smile on the parents/teachers. This might be more ideal for older kids who can instantly get the punny message. This year, I might have to think about what is still fun to make (requiring less time and effort, since now there are 2 kids at home) without compromising the fun part for the recipients.

More Valentine’s Day projects here.

//What is your favorite Valentine’s Gift (for the kids)?


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