Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

V-Day 2014 Cupcakes
From Valentine’s Day 2014

A bleeding heart was not the intent of this cupcake topping (but it would have been perfect for me 10 years ago, ha!). The lesson I learned then was to put the strawberries at the last minute before serving and to make sure they are paper-toweled off dry to minimize the chance of “bleeding”.

This is very easy to prepare. You can make the cupcakes either from scratch or from a cake box. I can’t remember which recipe I used for these particular cupcakes, but I’m betting vanilla flavor would go well with the strawberry.

Photo was taken halfway into the strawberry-cutting process, so some of the toppers were not yet shaped in heart.


To make the heart-shaped topper, carefully trim off the green stems and halve the strawberry lengthwise. Cut a little (rounded) “V” on top of each strawberry slice to make a heart shape. And voilà, you have yourself a Valentine’s Day cupcake. Easy, right? Yummy, too!


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