Valentine’s Day DIY Card Project

VDay Card 2014
From Valentine’s Day 2014

I prefer handmade, kid-crafted cards for any occasion, any day. Never mind that it is messy, not perfect and not at par with the stuff you find in shops. What I like most about it –it can never be replicated in the exact same way again. Especially when their hand/foot prints are used.

For last year’s Valentine’s Day, Toddler and I made a card for her Papa. I smile looking at it now. How adorable to be loved with all of a child’s heart and toes! I bet her feet won’t fit in that card anymore, and in the next years, she will be able to write a few scribbles of her own.

More Valentine’s Day projects here.

//Any ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day crafting with the kids?


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