Church, According to Toddler

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

When Toddler started asking about our itinerary whenever we’re going out, I wondered how to explain “going to Church”.

Today, as Papa helped her get ready…

Toddler: “Where are we going?”

Papa: “To church.”

Toddler: “Donuts?”

(Very long pause…)

Then we realized that she was recalling last Sunday’s free donuts at church after the Mass.

I thought it was cute that it was the donuts that stuck in her memory. But as I think about it, she was actually right about what Church means. Church is the partaking of bread with others who share your faith. The after-Mass donuts was an authentic form of communion. I bet Jesus would rather see a community eating together, talking to each other, talking about God, healing each other. That’s what He did for the most part when He walked the earth.

So today, we made sure to stay after Mass and have some donuts, instead of hurrying to get home. One old man spoke to the kids on the way to the social hall. The Baby loved interacting with new faces, so I wasn’t surprised when he extended his arm to touch the old man. For me, that was going to Church.

Here’s hoping we all had a meaningful Sunday.



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