The Courage Challenge

SLM Courage Challenge

The Courage Chronicle has been upgraded into a proper blog event now called “The Courage Challenge”, in response to everyone who has expressed interest in joining.

The goal is to make 2015 a Year of Courage, by doing things that scare us, on a regular basis.

How To Join

  1. Comment / Ping back to this post about the fears that you aim to master this year.
  2. Share your progress and stories of courage thru pingback. I love to feature the stories because they have been such an inspiration to me and the readers.
  3. Watch out for The Challenge of the Month on the 1st day of every month, for the suggested “fear to conquer”.
  4. We close the event at the end of the year, with a post of the “List of Things That No Longer Scare Me”.

Feel free to use the photo as a widget in your blog as reminder & quick link, and as your badge of pride for the things that you are conquering this year.

That’s it! Are you with me?

Personally, these are my top 3 scary stuff to conquer this year:

1) Fear of the Unknown: publishing my own work (clueless how)

2) Fear of Stepping outside my comfort zone: joining Toastmasters

3) Fear of Rejection: selling something I created (never done before)

Find out more about the Courage Challenge here.



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