Small Step, Right Direction

Quote Smallest Step

The first month of the year is usually full of possibilities and energy and resolutions. After January, there is a general sense of defeat for some because of the lack of significant progress on the goals set earlier. I like how this quote reassures that it is not really the size of the step that matters, but the direction of our step. Let’s celebrate our progress last month, however insignificant it may seem. One tiny step to a goal is better than not having a goal at all. Don’t shy away from setting goals or resolutions because of the likely chance that you might just fail at committing to it. Don’t get stuck in one place just because you fear of getting lost when you take a step. February means we have a second chance at setting goals for the year. March, a third chance, and so on. There really is no better time to set a goal than the present. Then take a step forward.


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