February’s Courage Challenge

Bravo to everyone who conquered their fear and worked out their courage muscle in January. What a way to kick off the Year of Courage.

Personally, I conquered my own social fears by putting my work out there. I posted my photos, worked on this blog and shared about my goals this year. The various feedback I got last month was the validation I needed — I actually have a shot at this. I cannot give up on my dream just yet. I learned that sticking my neck out is how I’m going to make progress (like the turtle!).

Last month, the exercise I set to stretch those Courage muscles is to try something new or out of the comfort zone. I failed to do this because of health issues, but not giving up. I was happy to hear from one particular blogger who successfully completed this challenge.


I am very grateful (and motivated) by your stories of courage. Thank you for sharing and for taking on the challenge. The story that inspired me the most was by:


Her story of courageously putting herself out there was all the more inspirational because it led to a success. She submitted her story to a website she follows, and it was received well. Way to go! And she didn’t stop there. Find more about it in her post.

Are you inspired now to move this forward?

The Courage Challenge for February is DARE TO ASK.

Dare to ask. For help. For feedback on your work. For a raise or a promotion. For an opportunity. For advice. For anything that you are intimidated to ask. The goal of the challenge is to conquer the fear of rejection, to disable the belief that we don’t deserve that much.

Do this challenge every day, every week, whichever frequency works for you. Do share in the Comments, or pingback, about your experience. Press on!



8 thoughts on “February’s Courage Challenge

  1. I found your words to be inspiring, and they provided the fuel that I needed to “give it another try.” You referred to it as “sticking your neck out” and initially, all I could think of was a scene from Game of Thrones. So to stick my neck out was going to take real courage given the vision that I had in my head.

    Silverliningmama serves as a constant source of inspiration. Your words continue to fuel my desire to move forward. This month’s challenge is no exception. I will ask for feedback, and push through my fears. After all, what is the worst thing that could happen? The best has already happened. I am lending my voice to something about which I am passionate. I shall “Press on.”

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  2. I don’t know which one excites me more: how you’re taking on this month’s challenge or “what, you’re a Game of Thrones fan, too??”. Haha. Just kidding! I love love love that you are “pressing on” and taking on the Feb challenge. You are an inspiration to me, too. I keep on telling myself, hey, I can’t back out now, they’re already doing the challenge. Ha! Do keep us posted with how you’re pressing on. :-*



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