Dirty Homes

“Good moms have
Sticky floors,
Dirty ovens,
And happy kids.”

Or, what I tell myself when I’m too exhausted to clean up. Ha!

If my kitchen is in chaos, there is a chance it’s because I just made a special meal for the family. Or I’m sick, like today.

If my kitchen is a little bit messy, it is most likely because I spent more time in the little girl’s kitchen, pretend-cooking.

If my kitchen is clean, the kids are probably not around. It hasn’t happened yet, but what a lonely kitchen that would be.


10 thoughts on “Dirty Homes

    1. I just read it. 😊 The mess is a common struggle for us moms. I just think about the future when the kids have moved out and the house is cleaner, and I’m fondly remembering these chaotic but fun times. I don’t want to regret not spending enough time with them.😊


  1. uglythe collar and neckline is all wrongno collars, none of that crappy dip neck stuffthe current home kit is brilliant with the other two quite uglyi could cope with the new kit, if we don#8&217;t have some obscene fluorscent and unrelated colours or collars in the away and alternate kits.We need a dark coloured kit, black and blue? got a ring to it don’t you thinkReply



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