What’s Up in My World?

Hello! I took an abrupt week-long leave from the blogosphere, unintentionally. My kids got sick again. Tomorrow will be the 3rd weekend that I feel like I’m on house arrest. Why the weekends? First there was the husband’s flu, then my daughter’s nose-bleeding incident, my son’s pneumonia and ear infection, and now my daughter’s tummy bug. At one point, I was feeling under the weather myself, although I suspect it was more of exhaustion. I am bent on kicking this sickness bug out of our home for good, at least for the rest of this year. I hope you had a much better, healthier week!

I wrote this post to celebrate the little milestones of Silver Lining Mama of late.

I am grateful that despite everything happening at home, I was able to keep on with my Instagram. Some of my snapshots have been busy. I got 7 photos (5 this week!) that have been featured by other Instagrammers. One was by the state’s Tourism account. Another feature have reached nearly a thousand Likes in 4 days. That is very dear to my heart, having started the week with 18 Likes for my most popular snapshot ever. I made some friends, too. Instagram abounds with really awesome communities.

Likewise, the blogosphere is as awesome and supportive. I truly appreciate all the comments you left me. It is very heartwarming to hear that The Courage Chronicle speaks to you. I am extremely thrilled whenever I hear of your stories, from taking that first step to toning those courage muscles. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts about Courage. You are my inspiration, truly!

Thank you also for the 2 Bloggers Awards you gave me this week. More than anything, I am grateful that you thought of me. Lastly, Silver Lining Mama has found her 100th follower! When I started, I couldn’t even imagine having another soul read my blog.

When I created SLM, I promised that I will not allow myself to be driven by these things -stats, awards, Likes. That said, I cannot deny how these milestones have thrilled me this week. I am very grateful most of all because I worked so hard in every post I write. Some posts kept me up until the wee hours because that’s the only free time I have after being Mama throughout the day. It still means something to get validation. However, I have to remind myself again that I must press on with my blog not for these validations, but for its intent, its purpose. In other words, I love you all so much for being so nice and supportive, and I will try to keep Silver Lining Mama as authentic and real as possible. Happy blogging, and happy weekend!


9 thoughts on “What’s Up in My World?

    1. Thank you! I was determined to get the family out of the house last weekend. Everyone’s been doing better. But before I could say “yay!”, I caught the stomach flu last night. 😖 Hoping this is the last one for the year.



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