No Crying Over Spilled Sugar

After letting her join me in the kitchen while I bake the lemon sponge cake, the whole baking experience -which normally is my quiet refuge- took a chaotic turn.
Sugar sprinkled everywhere. Little fingerprints dented the cake’s surface. Repeated requests for tasting echoed in our kitchen. I began to regret my decision. But right when I was done with the frosting and started to clean up, she chanted, happiness on her face, “This is the best cake ever! This is the best day ever!” Jumping with glee, she added, “It’s a yahoo day, Mama!” It was the first time I heard her use that term. And it dawned on me that if I look past the scattered sugar, it was actually really special for me that she was there and we were attempting -and partly failing- to bond over baking. Guess what, my little sous chef? Mama had a yahoo day with you, too. I just need to learn to have more fun and throw {sugar} to the wind.


8 thoughts on “No Crying Over Spilled Sugar

    1. I was lucky to have had a mom who didn’t mind a mess now and then. Other moms wouldn’t even let neighbor kids into the house. We baked cookies, made candles and built a giant papier machete tiger.You’ve made a memory that will last a lifetime. Definitely a yahoo day!

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      1. Lucky you! My mom has OC tendencies that was magnified when I suffered asthma in my early childhood. I am an only child. You can just imagine. I know it was out of the purest intentions of her heart -no mom ever wants her kid to be ill- but it had prevented me from certain creative things that involved mess. It’s something I always keep in mind now that I have kids. So our house now is messy, to say the least. 😊

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