The Courage To Ask

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” -Oprah Winfrey

Dear Me,
Most often, you are not aware that the first person who is holding you back from the greatness that you are capable of is your very own self. That you are the first one to diminish the size of your dream even before you fully conceive it. In your head, you compress a great dream to a size that is believable, that is realistic as far as you know. But most dreams are bigger than what you can imagine. You have to be constantly watchful of the thoughts in your head, of the can’t-be-done’s. You settle for the more realistic dreams because you are afraid of disappointments and failures. You are afraid that you might get too ambitious for your own good, that you might be mocked for finding the gall to imagine something too far from everyone’s reality. You are programmed to play on the safe side.

Next time, you will catch your self doing just that. Diminishing the size of your dream. “I want to be a best-selling author. But it can’t be done, I couldn’t even write a decent blog post.”

Catching those limiting thoughts is a good first step. Only then are you able to correct them and shift your focus to how you can take a step closer to that dream. “I can start writing a post a day and join a Writing Workshop, maybe in a few months, I will surprise myself with how I can improve my writing skills.”

It takes courage to dream something that blows your mind. It takes courage to ask for it, to tell your loved ones about it, to actually pursue it.

Go ahead, ask for it. Without shame. Without fear. Without hesitation or self-doubt. It doesn’t matter for now how it can be done. Just focus on conceiving it in your mind, writing it down, saying it out loud. Believing that it can happen if you just ask for it.

New Brave Me

Let’s just say this was the conversation in my head early last year when I was contemplating about a particular life dream. And I am on this journey now because I told myself that the way to attain my dream is to believe in it and bravely ask for it. I hope this intimate conversation resonates positively with you.


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