I’m a Big Chicken

“The older I’ve gotten, the braver I’ve become.” I was so inspired to read about Lorie’s sticking-out-your-neck story. The more you put yourself out there, the less the the bumpy white flesh. What?? You have to read her story. Head over to her blog Lorie’s Learning Log.

Lorie Schaefer

chalk le poulet

I think of myself as a big chicken, bumpy white flesh and all, so I loved Silver Lining Mama ‘s “Stick out Your Neck” post yesterday. It reminded me that the older I’ve gotten, the braver I’ve become. I worry (a little) less about what others think.

Back in 1997, I participated in a Northern Nevada Writing Project Invitational—a workshop for teachers, based on the premise that we practice what we teach. We wrote. And wrote. I become comfortable with sharing my writing. Two years later, I began contributing to a decidedly left-leaning (granola-eating, tree-hugging, feminist…), opinion column in our local newspaper, The Nevada Appeal. That experience toughened me up. My name and face go above every column. For better or worse, I own my words.

chalk wicked chicken

The newest neck-sticking-out adventure for me was writing a NaNoWriMo novel and joining The Lone Mountain Writers, a respected, local critique group. Talk…

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