Stick Your Neck Out

“Behold the turtle.
He makes progress
Only when he sticks his neck out.”
-James Bryant Conant

Put yourself out there. Be seen. Show your work. Publish that private blog post. Publish that book. Post your photo. Sing to an audience. Share your thoughts. Create your ideas. Make IT happen.

You will be scared. You will feel vulnerable. You could get hurt, rejected, disappointed, ignored. But that is the only path to making your dreams happen. You will also find out that those fears are worse in your mind. It is not so bad. The worst thing that can happen is that you will get hurt, rejected, disappointed, ignored, and you will find out that it is not the end of the world.

Go ahead, stick your neck out.


24 thoughts on “Stick Your Neck Out

    1. Uiuiui!Respekt! Ich komme da überhaupt nicht zu und das sieht man au*f*#8230;cschnüfh&Stress und Nähmaschinenangekettetsein bringt gleich Fett!!! :O(((Aber was Genähtes sehe ich trotzdem gerne bei Dir! :O))LG,Mokind


    1. Aww it makes me so happy to hear that. Thank you for your words. I will read these messages again when writing a post gets rough esp with the kids demanding all my time. I look forward to hearing about your courage journey too.😊


  1. The picture of the stuffed turtle depicts your post well. Encouraging words for bloggers like me who has been a little reluctant to do that before because well…who’d want to read my crap! So sticking your neck out has been good and uplifting. The worse that cld happen is a no. Then u move on and try again.

    Looking forward to read more of your scribbles!

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  2. Sveiki! Ja ikdienas uzturā pieturos pie dalÄ«tā uztura, resp. neÄ“du olbaltumvielas kopā ar ogļhidrātus saturoÅ¡iem produktiem, tad tomÄ“r – ko labāk Ä“st pirms treniņa: olbaltumvielas vai ogļhidrātus? Jo produkti pirms treniņa: -”putnu gaļa (vista, tÄ«tars) ar rupja maluma maizi vai rÄ«siem; – liesa gaļa (bifÅ¡teks) ar vārÄ«tu kartupeli; – omlete no olu baltumiem un auzu pārslām.” nav man piemÄ“rota Ä“dienkarte. Kad Ä“du tos kopā, ļoti slikti pÄ“c tam jÅ«tos. Laikam Ä·ermenis jau atradinājies….



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