To Seek Courage is to Seek Fear

Knowing the enemy is half the battle. To possess Courage, first you must know what you are afraid of.

What is it am I afraid of? There are so many forms of fear. I don’t have to deal with all of them. Some fears are worth keeping because they are natural/useful defense mechanisms, like that fear of walking alone on a dark alley. Okay, that’s 1 part fear, 1 part common sense.

For this particular project, The Courage Chronicle, I want to focus my energies on mastering the fears that are keeping me from realizing my life dreams and from living life to the fullest. Sure, I’m afraid of snakes. But at this moment, I see no relevance in getting over this fear to my life dreams. That’s probably my fear speaking. For sure, there’s value in facing this fear, too. But if I were to prioritize, this ophidiophobia (I googled it just now… as I said, first I must know my fear…by name, if I have to!)…this ophidiophobia is not at the top of my list.

So I’m thinking… the best approach for me then would be to start with (1) what are these life dreams and (2) what do I imagine as living life to the fullest. And then think: what are the paralyzing thoughts in my head that’s keeping me from 1 & 2.

// How about you? Is there a particular fear that you want to conquer this year? What is that one fear that could be most liberating or most productive once you got rid of it?


11 thoughts on “To Seek Courage is to Seek Fear

    1. Hi! We are on the same boat, this putting ourselves out there. That’s one reason I push on with my blog, as a way of conquering this fear. Thanks for sharing! It’s not so bad, right? Most often, how we imagine it is scarier than reality. 🙂 Let’s keep this going.


  1. Fear is a constant for some, and I am thankful that my biggest fears are whether I will realise my dreams and not where my next meal is coming from. I guess my biggest fear is not actually getting a chance to realise those dreams! Thanks for the post, interesting and inspiring 🙂

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  2. My one word challenge is “integrity” to live that out I also have to conquer fear. Fear of not being able to express myself in conversations where the other part is criticising me or blames me for something I don’t know I have done or said

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    1. Indeed, integrity requires a lot of courage. It demands a confrontation with your authentic self. I like that you’re also doing the one word challenge, and how our one-word goals are interdependent. I hope you join us in the courage challenge, as you endeavor to conquer your fear. Let me know if you’d like to guest post or just share your stories in conquering your fear.



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