The First Step is the Hardest

I am so thrilled to find that there are other brave souls interested to join me in this journey to courage. I say brave, even as we just started, because I believe it takes courage to seek courage. That sounds confusing?

When I started imagining myself taking on a Year of Courage, I saw myself not exactly all brave and mighty. Instead, I saw myself walking deeper into the woods that are my fears. I soon realized that if I am going to seek courage, I’m going to seek my fears. I’m going to get down and dirty, wrestling with the very things I am most afraid of. What a scary thought! The initial response is naturally to balk at the idea of aiming for courage.

The great thing about Courage, however, is that it is not a quality that requires intensive training or some form of rigorous preparation (okay, might be missing an angle here). The point I’m trying to make is, Courage is something you possess the moment you will yourself into confronting what you are afraid of. It starts in the mind and it shows in the actual doing. The brave person is not necessarily the one who says “I”m not afraid”. It is the one who is most likely scared as hell but did it anyway. Bravery is not determined before the act. The Medal of Valor is given after.

So, if at first you are afraid… just keep on going. The feeling is natural. Soak in it. Feel the fear. Acknowledge it. Say hi. Then keep on going. Then one day, you’ll look back and realize it is over. You have done it! You took the plunge. You jumped off the plane. And you are no longer scared.

//Are you psyched yet?? Would you like a little test drive? Say, get yourself to eat a new dish that you normally would not even consider trying. Or go do something for the first time. Do something a little bit scary. Hopefully, at the end of the exercise, you’ll find out it’s not so bad. Please do share with us what you did.


4 thoughts on “The First Step is the Hardest

  1. Thank you for this. My first blog post was quite a scary thing for me to do and after I read this post of yours, I took that first step.
    Thank you for following my blog 🙂 I hope to keep up with The Courage Chronicles, very insightful and inspirational.

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