About Fears

For those of us who wanted to be a blogger or a writer, here’s an inspiration from amommasview:

“You will never know what people think of your work, if you don’t put it out there. So don’t let your fears of refusal or of disappointment hold you back. Just go out there and try. Have the drive, the courage, the guts to try.”

A Momma's View

Fears keep us from moving forward and from trying to follow our dreams or make them happen. If you kind of step away and look at yourself and the fear that is holding you back, you might even realise how ridiculous it is.

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2 thoughts on “About Fears

  1. I had a million excuses for not posting my second assignment for Blogging 101. This quote dissolved my fears and I thought “What’s the worst thing that could happen? ”
    I went for it. Thanks again.

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