Silver Lining Mama 101

Silver Lining Mama joins Blogging 101. And the first assignment: Introductions.

Who am I? I am Jan and this is still me.

After a couple of months or so of regular blogging, I have a more refined idea of who I am as a blogger and what my blog is (or will be) about.

  • Silver Linings. I am in constant search of the proverbial silver lining in every cloud. I try to look for something to be grateful for in every situation. I believe that life is just too short to focus on the negative. I am not 100% sugar and spice and everything nice (I wish I am). I have my own bad days and rant modes. My toddler last night casually reported me to God, interrupting our bedtime prayer with a “Mama went to the laundry and she got mad.” Ha! As a blogger though, I want to capture the bright and the beautiful out of the mundane and ordinary, and sometimes difficult, world that is my life as a parent. In reality, I’m probably just sharing anecdotes about my feisty toddler and her active baby brother, and some humor and reflections in between.
  • From Project Management to Home Projects. I was a Project Manager when I took my long leave of absence in 2011. I was the least domesticated person I know. I didn’t know how to cook and bake and maintain a house and take care of kids. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to stay at home and explore all of that. While I’m still working on producing stuff that’s Pinterest-ingly drool-worthy, I like sharing these crafty projects in my blog as much as I enjoy getting ideas from others in the blogosphere and on Pinterest.
  • Snaps & Scribbles. I love taking snapshots of things around me. When I’m not blogging, I’m oversharing on Instagram. When I’m not on Instagram and not in the middle of the happy chaos that is parenting, I’m probably in a pensive mood, scribbling musings in my mind. When I’m not lazy, I’m probably on my blog actually writing about it.
  • The Courage Chronicle. This is a new writing project I am about to start to document my journey to Courage. This is part of my Goal for 2015. I’ll share more of that this week.
  • Wanna-be Writer. I want to give writing a try. In 2014, I have 4 or 5 friends (yes, I counted and named them in my journal) telling me that I should write a book. They tell me so passionately that I was convinced to give it a try even though I am utterly clueless what to write about and how to write it. Blogging, I thought, is the perfect first step. Hopefully in the course of this blogging journey I will be able to find myself, my voice, my purpose.

At least those are my intent for this blog. But more than anything, I’m already happy to be able to meet new friends and be part of a community of bloggers. I’m thrilled (and scared!) to join Blogging U and I look forward to reading other blogs and be inspired.


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