An Open Letter to Monday

Dear Monday,

Today is your first day in 2015. I hope it’s a great start for you, especially you being all about beginnings, you being the starter of our work week.
Last year was probably rough for you, like all the previous years. You were constantly cursed and shooed and snoozed, to oblivion if only possible. But, you remained persistent and constant. You always showed up. Much to the dismay of many.

To say that you are the least popular is an understatement. You are the most hated and most dreaded. You end the holidays and the fun weekends. You are such a KJ. “You are the worst!” Yet, you still show up.
I see you, Monday. I see your silver lining. I see the blessing that you bring with your beginnings. You give me a chance to restart, to try again.
This year, let me try again by making it better for you. And I hope everyone who reads this will join me.
You will no longer be Manic Monday. You will be Meaningful Monday. Let’s make you a trend, #MeaningfulMonday.

You and I, we are going to kick off EVERY week with joyful anticipation. You and I will set the tone for the rest of the week, and consequently the rest of the year.

I am going to mark you as that day of the week when I do the thing I love the most. I am going to do something that will bring me so much bliss. I will have fresh flowers at home. I will enjoy the most wonderful cup of coffee in the morning. I am going to cap off the day with my Flavor of the Week ice cream, or read my Book of the Month. We are gonna love it. We’re gonna have the most fun! We are going to make it Merry, Monday.

I used to schedule my most dreaded task on your day. I realize now that it doesn’t help you much. You already have too much going on just by being Monday. I am going to change that. I am going to change you. I’m going to schedule the most important, most fulfilling, task on your day. And you will become my Milestone Monday. (And I will have an excuse to celebrate with that ice cream.)

You will become a very important day. You will bring so much Meaning into my life.
You are going to Matter, Monday. We are going to Make It Matter.
Are you as psyched as I am?? Let’s do this!

See you next week,
Silver Lining Mama


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