Word of the Year

Happy New Year!

One of my personal practices to welcome the year is to set my New Year theme. I want to share this because it has impacted my life so positively.

My New Year theme is one word. My very own Word of the Year. I choose it based on what I want the most out of the year.

It is partly a theme to give one direction for my resolutions and goals of the year. It is partly a straightforward shout-out to the Universe of what I want to get out of that particular year. It is partly a simplified prayer that sets the tone of my daily prayer throughout the year. In essence, it is a New Year’s wish. One word. Easier to recall, easier to make happen, easier to come true.

This has been going on since 2011. And every wish came true.

Freedom in 2011. It was mostly work-related that got too stressful. In February, I took a month-long leave. In May, I decided to take an indefinite leave off work.
Gratitude in 2012. It was the year when I started to take on a more grateful attitude towards everything. And it became a year of back-to-back blessings. That’s what gratitude does. It makes one focus on the positive things and multiplies them. I gave birth to our first child, and everything has been greater, happier, more fulfilling since then.
Providence in 2013. The foreseeing care and guidance of God. It was a year of receiving so much blessings and kindness even before I asked or realized the need. It was having God as the advance party.
Fruition in 2014. It was a year of action and completion. So many projects and goals were completed. Some life goals that had been in my list for as long as I can remember, done and done!

Every New Year, I post it on my Facebook. Today, this is what I shared:
“To honor a personal tradition, I give thanks to New Year wishes granted: Freedom in 2011, Gratitude in 2012, Providence in 2013, Fruition in 2014. And for 2015, I wish for Courage.”


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