The Truth About Santa

First of all, a very late MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I have unplugged myself from the blog so I can be fully present for my family during the Christmas festivities. I tend to be absent-minded whenever there’s something I want to write about. I have absolute admiration for those who can manage both especially during the busiest of seasons. So here’s to finish up a thought I never got to do before Christmas…

SPOILER ALERT. Precocious techie kids, toddler bloggers, and lucky adults who have somehow managed to go through childhood without discovering the truth about Santa…you have been warned. 🙂

What about Santa?

For the last weeks, I had struggled on whether I should welcome the legendary Santa into our home. I had to make a decision as my 2-year old started mentioning the man of the hour.

I grew up never knowing Santa the way kids typically, wistfully, know Santa. I was raised by parents who were too candid to indulge me with such whimsy. And it really takes a little more convincing when you grow up in a tropical country and there are no chimneys in your town. How else could Santa ever find his way into our home??

My heart breaks a little whenever I see a kid talk to Santa with wide-eyed innocence and utter anticipation about their Christmas wishes. Pouring their hearts out while sitting on Santa’s lap, in all seriousness and sincerity. It seems so cruel. Why give them something to believe in, only to take away a few years later? I know the intent is not to break little hearts. But the thought of tears from a 5-year old (or, at what age again is the big reveal?) already gets me teary-eyed now. Why did you lie to me about Santa? Yes, it is a big fat lie. (No offense meant, Santa.)

But the truth about Santa? It is the same truth as that goldfish that lived for as long as childhood. Or that puppy that was just sent to the farm. Ok, scratch that. Totally not the point I’m getting at.

The truth about Santa is MAGIC! And it is worth all the effort, and the heartbreak later on, to let the kids know about a magical person who can make your wishes come true. The myth may not outlive childhood, but the power of believing in magic and in dreams and dreams coming true, I hope these will live on in their hearts. What a world of infinite possibilities when they believe in the impossible!

So, on the night before Christmas, I left out some cookies and milk for dearest Santa along with a wish of my own. May the children always cherish these magical moments of their childhood and forever hold on to the magical and the wonderful and the belief that everything is possible.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Santa

    1. I know! I was paralyzed by the thought that my toddler might learn about the real Santa while watching TV or Youtube or whatever. So why bother building up Santa, right? Tradition won for me, and the hope that the kids grow up having positive memories of this magical time. 🙂

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