The Family Holiday Photo

I thought the first weeks after giving birth is the toughest ever for me as a mom. Oh no, no.
I discover at the start of this holiday season, with a feisty 2-year old daughter and an active 8-month old son, that the most difficult challenge I have yet to face is…getting a decent family photo for our holiday card. I exaggerate. But I have discovered I am not alone in this struggle. Reading about similar ordeals from other moms (it usually is the mom, why is that?) have made this become funny to me. Thankful to the other parents who shared. I almost gave up on getting us a holiday card this year.

Attempt #1: Gloomy weather required the use of flash. Good idea…if you like shadows on what’s already a bad hair day. Note to self: do not ever attempt to match the outfits to your Christmas theme. Sure you can convince the kids to be fake Queen Elsa (because that’s a Cinderella gown, mama) and Sven the reindeer. But you can never convince the husband to wear a Snowman costume. Lesson: Don’t get too ambitious. Getting everyone in the frame is hard enough.

Attempt #2: The camera and I had a difficult time to FOCUS!


Attempt #3: EVERYBODY, look at the camera! Take 21.

Attempt #4: Take 134. Let’s not do this anymore.

Attempt #5: at Macy’s

Attempt #6: in Chicago

In the end, I settled for the unplanned photo with Santa during our visit to the John Hancock Tower in Chicago. Thank you, Mrs Claus, for taking the photo.



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