Remembering Angkong

Written on Thanksgiving Week.

This week was the 3rd year since Angkong passed away. He was the kids’ grandpa. Angkong is (Fukien) Chinese for grandfather. He was my husband’s dad. And he was the one who wanted grandchildren the most. He kept on asking us to have kids already.

It was Thanksgiving week when he succumbed to his Stage 4 lung cancer. It is most difficult to lose a loved one on holidays like this. When you’re supposed to be happily counting blessings to be grateful for. It is worse when you’re away from home. When we left Manila 5 months earlier, he was still healthy.

Despite the grief, there was still a silver lining. I was pregnant with what’s to be Angkong’s first ever grandchild. His wish was granted! We told him to fight for life, to wait for the baby. Sadly, he didn’t make it. But always looking for the silver lining: I imagined he left because he can’t wait to meet his grandchild, in heaven.

The kids did not get to meet their Angkong. But he is present and alive in their hearts, that I know. My eldest would talk to his framed photo at home. We would mention him in our bedtime prayers. His memories will live on, we’ll make certain of that. He will always be the one who was most excited to meet them. He was probably the one who prayed the hardest for these kids. He will always be the one and only Angkong.



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