Christmas Theme 3: Frozen

Christmas 2014. I wanted a theme to capture Minnesota winter. Snow, snowflakes, snowman. Freezing cold. Frozen. Wait, Frozen! It’s been a year since we saw the movie. But the hype has not melted in my toddler’s heart.


I decided to make a subtle interpretation of the theme. I didn’t want our tree to be filled with Disney merchandise. Then there’s my Christmas tree rules:

  1. Recycle & Repurpose.
  2. DIY (paper) crafts.

With a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old, certainly, there’ll be curious hands who’ll want to “explore” the ornaments. All the more I am convinced to use paper crafts to decorate the tree. This way, the kids can wreck them without breaking my heart. The last thing I want is a pretty tree and 2 sad kids who can’t enjoy themselves.


I used a blue and white color scheme in honor of the baby boy who is about to experience his first Christmas. I wanted snowflakes, I wanted twinkling and sparkling. And nothing else comes to mind to best capture this but Elsa’s gown.


This year’s ornaments included:

  1. Ribbon closely resembling Elsa’s gown.
  2. Blue balls.
  3. Sparkly blue card stock cut out into circles.
  4. Reused previous years’ silver ornaments, including the silver icicles.
  5. Silver pipe cleaner formed into stars.
  6. Paper snowflakes.
  7. DIY string balls (got the idea from Pinterest; followed these instructions, they’re so lovely I wanted to make more).

The string ball was even more delightful when inserted into a light bulb. It glowed!


The base of the tree was covered with a snow blanket and some punched snowflakes. I had planned to fill it with gifts in white wraps and blue ribbons, but never got around to doing it. My workaround: repurposed the white paper lanterns. They look like giant snow balls. Then I added our little white Nativity set (Love).

Lastly, the pièce de résistance: Olaf decals. Not just one, but two! One for each kiddo. I just love the happy jumping Olaf. It sets a joyful tone to the whole set.


The toddler loves it, she hasn’t laid a hand on the ornaments. The baby, on the other hand, loves to eat everything. Thankfully, the tree is propped on 4 Ikea Lack tables, he has yet to learn to climb. πŸ˜‚


“Baby, I know Love is yummy, but please don’t eat the Star of Bethlehem.”

Merry Christmas!


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