This Mommy Fights Back with a Cut

Postpartum falling hair can easily trigger depression. As if the hormones and the lack of sleep are not enough. Imagine getting a handful of hair after shower and seeing more all over the bathroom floor.

But as my motto goes: always find the silver lining in every dark cloud. And for this particular cloud, I am glad to find that the silver lining is me finally finding the guts to go for the pixie cut.

Never mind that I couldn’t find my cheekbones buried under those cheek fats. Never mind that my face shape is not perfect for this style. I’m going super short (1 inch short) and I’m feeling great about it.

There is something magical about getting a new hairstyle. Transformational. Empowering.
The pixie cut not only helps cut down the volume of hairfall on the bathroom floor (everywhere, really), it is also an attitude-changer.

This momma fights backs hormone-driven hair loss and depression with a simple haircut. Mommy hairstyle doesn’t have to look like you’ve given up. Mommy’s hair can still be edgy and fun. And did I mention this also cuts my time in the shower? Meaning, more time with the kids.

My hair all up is my pick-me-up! 😂




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