The Wheel is Turning

It’s a quiet, gloomy Saturday morning. Everything about it just whispers temptingly, “ssssleeeep innnn”.

But our weekend to-do list fights back. You can almost hear its bugle call. Snappy, “Soldiers arise!”

So there I am in the kitchen. Coffee. Groggily.

Husband asks, “what time do we leave?”
I replied. “I can’t tell the exact time. But know that the wheel is already turning.”
“Ha! Meaning?”
“Meaning, I am already in the process of getting us out of the house.”

In truth, this means we’ll be ready in a couple of hours, (much less in the summer, promise). Yes, that’s how long it takes for me to go through the cycle of bathing/prepping kids, cooking lunch, eating, cleaning up the kitchen, quickly picking up the clutter strewn all over the living room (and bedroom), put on the multiple layers of Minnesota winter clothing, and last minute dash of everything “we almost forgot”.

Ooops, that’s my time. Gotta run. The wheel is turning.

How about you? How fast can you get your family out of the house?



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