Toddler Teaches How To Say No

It’s the Age of Defiance at home, thanks to the toddler who is testing her newly-discovered independence. There is an earful of “no, thanks”, “no way!”, “no, no, No!”, “NO!”, “NOOOOO!!”. Obviously, the reasons can be pretty random (and unnecessary, to say the least). But the choice of expression for the protest depends largely on the (random) mood upon waking up and how close to mealtime/naptime we are. Delays in those areas can bring out the most intense of “no”, reinforced by the recent habit of hitting (another topic worthy of a post).

The funniest and potentially most annoying of all was heard during the recent bedtime battle with Dad.
“Little Girl, go to bed already and sleep.”

And to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still more forms of rebuttal to come out of her mouth. And while she teaches us her full range of negation, we try to teach her the scope of this defiance. That it is okay to be feisty, but not disrespectful. That she can stubbornly stand her ground against eating those green peas, but never against holding my hand while we’re walking at the parking lot. As she shows us the levels of intensity of a No, we show her the levels of patience (hopefully, ours).

Another example of how parents raise kids and kids raise parents.


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