Musings of a Career Mom Turned SAHM

At last night’s baby shower, Husband’s boss asked me if I’m happy with my role (i.e. staying home and being mom). My gut response was an assured “Yes!”. No hesitations, no justification. It was an honest answer.

I am truly happy. No regrets. No looking over the other side of the fence with envy. Just grateful for this moment and for this awareness that it can only be a moment.

What I now know:
• This path is not a happy pill for everybody. But in my book, this is the best decision of my life, so far.

• Work-life balance is very personal. No one else can dictate for you how to achieve it, or if it’s real at all.

• A woman does not need to “have it all” to prove her worth. Besides, no one can have it all, and be happy. Because happiness does not come from having, but from being.

• The last point I have forgotten as the toddler is now pulling me to get her hands washed. ^_^

-Scribbles from 3/20/2014



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