Ginisang Munggo


I followed the recipe from Kawaling Pinoy, with a few revisions.
• Instead of pork cracklings (a fave ingredient except I don’t have any left in the pantry), I added pork strips.
• Instead of spinach, I added bittermelon (ampalaya) leaves I got from the Asian Store. I turned off the heat once I added the leaves. This way, the leaves don’t get too soggy and the dish not too bitter. Eating ampalaya lessens my guilt from eating too much sweets, which is what I did this week after the recent Halloween candy-hoarding!
• I added another favorite ingredient: fried dilis! This gives another layer of saltiness that can’t be achieved by salt and fish sauce alone. This time, I added some fried fish (danggit), too. This can make the dish too salty, though. So easy on the salt, or avoid this combination altogether.
• The dish was really flavorful. My toddler, who hates green food, said she liked it. Mission accomplished, Mama!



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